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The Thrive Center

The Thrive Center is the program department of Viola's Place Inc. 

While Viola's Place focus is on helping those individuals navigate their way through domestic violence, it is important that we as an organization put the tools in place to help eradicate domestic violence from happening to someone else. 

Girls Club Summer Program 

Our summer program kicks off Monday, June 26th through Friday, August 18th from 10am-3pm.

Registration is open for boys and girls ages 10-15.

Cost is $125.00 PER WEEK. No Refunds!

For more information call us at 856-535-5634.

Please fill out the registration form below

Domestic Violence  Classes

A variety of in-person and virtual classes covers domestic violence and how it effects the individual, child(ren) and the abuser. 

D.R.E.A.M. Girls

Female teen program for ages 15-17.

Information about enrollment coming soon.


Did you E.A.T. today?

Ladies, it is import to face your Emotions, be Active and Take Care of yourself. 


Thank you to the Williamstown Badgers for your              sponsorship to the YES Girl program.

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