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Each woman will be allowed to stay for up to 3months as long as they are clean and sober (to be determined by random drug and alcohol testing) and have no other place to go. Additionally, each woman must be an active participant in the SPEAK UP PROGRAM at the THRIVE CENTER.

Our safe house, Queen's Village, is scheduled to open in 2023. Our safe house will serve women and children. This is of significant value to women as it eliminates the possibility of sexual abuse from the opposite sex within the shelter.

Moreover other shelters only allow 30 days or less of housing, unlike Queen's Village which will offer up to 90 days. This location will be safe and secure for women to heal and begin again.

SPEAK UP is a Four-week program that helps clients become self-reliant. It will be made possible in collaboration with organizations that will provide us with a chemical dependency counselor, AIDS counselor, and a family reunification counselor. The different elements of the program are:

  • Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Training

  • Parenting Class

  • Substance Abuse Prevention

  • Interpersonal Skill Development

  • Personal and Spiritual Development.

  • Community Involvement

  • Creative Leisure Activities/Celebration

Contact us today! We serve Williamstown, NJ and its surrounding arears,

  • Independent Living Preparation/Follow-Up

  • Personal Development Planning/Job Training

  • Vocational Development

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